RCF L-Pad 8CX 8 Channel Mixer


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With four transparent sound mic inputs, three stereo line inputs and the 2tk in/ out, L-PAD8CX is the ideal tool for duo/trio gigs, speech, background music diffusion and parties. Two single-control compressors on mic channels help to handle even the more dynamic complex signals. The 99 preset Internal FX DSP allows the sound to be improved by adding accurate and warm effects. The super versatile L-PAD slot permits the optional L-PAD MP3 PLAYER, PLAYER/RECORDER or BLUETOOTH CONNECTION cards to be inserted for even more flexible use. Thanks to the accurate Italian design L-PAD8CX is easy to grab, transport and handle in all the situations.

  • 4 mono INPUT + 3 stereo INPUT
  • 2 Compressors (Ch. 1-2)
  • 3band/2band EQ
  • 1 FX send
  • External PSU 18V~ 1000mA

Part Number:

  • 17140038
    L-PAD 8CX
    115V, US
    EAN 8024530011307
  • 17140031
    L-PAD 8CX
    220-240V, EU
    EAN 8024530011291
  • 17140052
    L-PAD 8CX
    100V, JP
    EAN 8024530011499
  • 17140053
    L-PAD 8CX
    240V, AU
    EAN 8024530011505
  • 17140059
    L-PAD 8CX
    240V, UK
    EAN 8024530011567


RCF L-PAD is a line of compact but high performance audio mixers with enhanced flexibility. The elegant and modern Italian design completes the appeal of these indispensable tools in any live audio application — from the performance of a rock band or a jazz quartet, to supporting a conference room or a media centre rather than a museum or library.

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Weight 5.89 lbs
Dimensions 2.91 × 10.12 × 15.24 in
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